lunes, 15 de febrero de 2010

Adjetivos superlativos.

Forman el superlativo según el doble método seguido por los adjetivos:
soon = soonest / beautifully = most beautifully
Para formar el superlativo añadiremos al adjetivo -est, además el adjetivo irá precedido del artículo The.
Por ejemplo, al adjetivo old (viejo) le añadimos -est: the oldest (el más viejo/mayor)

My father is the oldest. (Mi padre es el más mayor)
My house is the largest. (Mi casa es la más grande)

Contesta las siguientes preguntas en inglés:

1. Who is the oldest person in your family?

2. How old is he/ she?

3. Who is the second oldest in your family?

4. Who is the youngest in your family?

Contesta las siguientes preguntas acerca de tus compañeros de clase:

1.- Who is wearing the most complete uniform today?

2.-Who has the curliest hair?

3.-Who has the longest name?

4.-Who has the largest shoe?

5.-Who has the nicest notebook?

6.-Who has the most brothers and sisters?

7.-Who brings the most books to class?

8. - Who is the best singer in the class?

9. - Who has studied english the longest?

10.-Who traveled the farthest to come to this school?


Read the ad and label the pets in the pictures.
We’re the biggest pet store in the area.
We have the most interesting selection of pets in town.
Puppies, kittens, rabbits, hamsters, canaries, tropical fish,
snakes, iguanas, and much, much more.
We have the best prices, too!

What does the ad say about…?
a) the size of the store?
b) the selection of pets?
c) the prices?

Listen to a radio program. Which pet is…?
1. the most popular? _______________________________
2. the cheapest? ___________________________________
3. the easiest to take care of? ____________________
4. the smallest? ___________________________________
5. the most unusual? _______________________________

Complete the table and the sentences about the animal in the store.
big the ____________________________
Cheap the __________________________
Interesting the ______________ _________
Good the ___________________________
Popular the ______________ _____________
easy the ____________________________

1. Pete’s is________________________pet store in the area.
2. Cats are ________________________pets.
3. Hamsters are ____________________pets.
4. Fish are ________________________pets to take care of.
5. Iguanas are______________________pets.
6. Dogs are ________________________pets.

There are many animals that can be pets: dogs, cats, rabbits or even spiders.
Send us you answers to our pet questionnaire and you can win a prize.
 Which pet do you think is:
 The most boring?
 The most difficult to take care of?
 The easiest to take care of?
 The coolest?
Do you have a pet?
What do you have?
 The most boring?______________________________
 The most difficult ______________________________
 The easiest ___________________________________
 The coolest __________________________________
I have a ___________________________________________
I don’t have a pet.

John: What do you need here?
Peter: I want an English-Spanish dictionary.
John: Let’s go to ____________________.It’s on the ___________________floor.

Write your Shopping list and practice the conversation in exercise previous.
Real World: Stores in my town.
 Work in small groups. Complete the table with the names of store in your area.

The most expensive/ The coolest/ The most unusual
Women’s clothes
Men’s clothes

 Use the table to write a shopping guide to your area.

Trabaja en equipos de 4 personas. Encuentra los adjetivos en su forma comparativa y superlativa de la lista de palabras que se da los adjetivos pueden estar de manera horizontal, vertical, diagonal o de derecha a izquierda.

a) BEST.........BETTER........ FARTHER
b) FARTHEST...........................
c) LEAST .......LESS........ MORE.........
d) MOST.........WORSE....... WORST........

*Este ejercicio lo harás en tu guía del alumno.